The bilinguist

According to, bilinguals make up about 43% of the world’s population.
That means in a room of 20 people there is a great chance that about 9 of them speak two languages.
So what are the chances that I, too, am bilingual?
Well, sit back and relax, because I won’t make you go through a bunch of calculations to figure that out.
I speak both English and Arabic. First, English being my main language. And then there is Arabic, the language I was required to learn in order to survive a life in the middle east.
Do I enjoy speaking two languages? Most definitely!
Do I still struggle keeping up with both English and Arabic? without a doubt.
But the thing is, I lack the ability to reach out and ask for help. Mainly because I feel like I am burden to those who are around me. And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who faces this sort of issue. When have we felt ashamed for needing help? When was it not okay to ask for a boost during a struggle? All I know is that I am bilingual, and frankly It seems I need to do a lot more than just reread materials to understand them. The solution is out there; probably in a language that I don’t quite understand yet. But It’s out there and I’ll learn to get a hold of it!



2 thoughts on “The bilinguist

  1. I know exactly what you mean! I often find myself “stuck” or struggling to find a proper word to describe something. Sometimes I replace English words with Tagalog ones when I am having a conversation with my mother, or replace Arabic words with English when speaking with others. The answer IS out there, we just need to find it 🙂


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